vineri, 17 iulie 2009

oFF topic total...

O melodie pe care am auzito prima data acum 3ani si astazi a reiesit la suprafata parca la momentul potrivit. Si... zicese ca aceasca a fost inspiratie pentru ultima melodie a lui Michael Jackson. :)
Bucurativa de versuri - este o filozofie de viata - poate cea potrvita!?

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Anonim spunea...

bun articol :) nota 10 :)

am shi eu o intrebare !! nu vrie sa facem schimb de bannere:-?? sau de linkuri !!

contact yahoo id : mandeea_deejay ! plzz

GIURGIU spunea...

hombre nu fac schimb de... bannere ca nu fac! daca te uiti bine orice banner de pe blog are o cauza si un scop bine precizat. e bine ca ti-a placut muzica lor... !
O recomandare... incearca sa scrii in roamana, e mai... putin deranjant!

Anonim spunea...


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Anonim spunea...

What do you guys think about the upcoming 2012?

Planet X Nibiru, if really exists and approaching, can be a big threat to the earth and its people.
Michel de Nostredame predicted some kind of huge space collision that will occur around year 2000.
Will the comet or asteroid really fall in the aegean sea (Greece) and huge tsunami will hit the mount Olympus (2917 metres high).
If he is right and mayans as well, it looks like the end of the world is really close.

I think something is going on alrdy... so many earthquakes in the last year, h1n1,irak....

What do you guys think? Should we worry?

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